Blues Etudes #6-10

Three years ago, I embarked on my online teaching journey. Prior to diving into this endeavor, I carefully considered the subject I wanted to impart, and I arrived at the realization that the blues, in its broadest interpretation, served as the bedrock for all my musical pursuits. Whether delving into pop, soul, funk, or jazz, the essence of the blues underpinned my musical identity. With this in mind, I made the decision to craft exercises rooted in the ingredients of my own musical style, which draws inspiration from the likes of my musical heroes such as Jimmy Smith, Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff, and others.

In these exercises, I introduce the scales I employ, bass lines, patterns, licks, and more, providing students with a comprehensive toolkit to enhance their musical abilities. These exercises are shared and performed in tandem with my students, complete with accompanying materials. Each package includes a PDF lead sheet and a video showcasing my demonstration of the exercise.

To make these valuable resources more widely accessible, I have also made them available for purchase in my webshop. If you find yourself in need of further clarification or have any inquiries regarding the material, please do not hesitate to schedule a lesson for a more in-depth exploration.

This pack includes 5 exercises, Blues Etudes as I like to call them:

Blues #6
Blues #7
Blues #8
Blues #9
Blues #10